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photo: Vojta Brtnický


a dance you can do!

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photo: KioX festival 2017

is not a duality,
neither separation or delimitation. 
is about plurality of opinions, sharing a place 
about listening, decision making
and taking action.

photo: Kövágó Nagy Imre

is a shared space
where boundaries are permeable and flexible.
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photo: Vojta Brtnický

They depend only on how and where each one of us sets them. 

photo: Kövágó Nagy Imre

A dance you CAN DO!

photo: Vojta Brtnický               


a choreographic proposal for 6 performers and the audience.

Building on the principles of mimicry, emotional and cognitive empathy, embodiment and sharing of mind, the piece investigates the question of participation, plurality of opinions, perspective taking, decision making and flexibility of personal boundaries.

The work considers the potential to inhabit various sites. Created in 2016, it has been performed in theatres as well as in urban spaces always taking into account the specificity of the site itself. Each place this work travels, the creators engage with a group of local participants and include them in the piece.

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still from video documentation | LandScape festival
Národní památník Vítkov 2018 | camera: Ben Tuček

The project DIFFERENT? has been selected and realised in frame of Be SpectACTive! network and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It has been developed during residencies at PONEC – venue for dance, Bakelit Multi Art Center Budapest and Kulturno Družstvo B-51 | Plesni teatr Ljubljana together with more then 30 volunteers from various cultures, backgrounds and of various ages. The project development included an individual meeting with each participant followed by a group work questioning the notions and the skills of participation, active listening, empathy and curiosity.

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International debut: March 20, 2016 | Plesni teatr, Ljublana

Czech Premiere: April 19, 2016 | Ponec Theatre Prague 

publication: Be SpectACTive!, Challenging Participation in Performing Arts Editoria & Spettacolo ISBN 978-88-32068-01-6

radio document: Let the Differences Interact | premiered on December 7, 2016 at ČR 3 Vltava| authors: zdenka brungot svíteková and barbora látalová – sound mastering: Radim Dlesk – dramaturgy and regie: Eva Nachmilnerová | listen here





photo: Kövágó Nagy Imre


photo: Kövágó Nagy Imre


photo: Vojta Brtnický


concept & choreography: Barbora Látalová (Cz), Zdenka Brungot Svíteková (Sk/N/Cz) | creation & performers: Klára Alexová (Cz/Nl), Zdenka Brungot Svíteková, Kateřina Dietzová (Cz/Nl), Eva Hromnik (Sk/Cz), Barbora Látalová, Inga Mikshina (Ru/Cz), Kim Jun Wan (Kor/Cz), Daniel Raček (Sk) | sound design: Jelte Van Andel (Nl) | light designRobert Štěpánek (Cz) | scenography & costumes: Marie Gourdain (Fr/Cz) | dramaturgy: Barbora Látalová, Zdenka Brungot Svíteková, Jelte Van Andel | coaching: Bush Hartshorn (UK) | production: OSTRUŽINA z.s. | produced by: Tanec Praha | co-produduced by: partners of Be SpectACTive!: Municipality of Sansepolcro & CapoTrave/Kilowatt (IT), Bakelit Multi Arts Center (HU), B51 Cultural Society & Plesni teatr (SL), Domino (CR), LIFT (UK), Radu Stanca National Theatre (RO), York Theatre Royal (UK)


guest performersDonatella Dorti, Jan Dužda, Laura Kouřil, Petr Kavúr, Svatopluk Ždímal, Jan Kašpar, Heather McGadie, Eliška Soukupová, Daniela Hazuková from Prague | Darinka Pilári, Gergely Almási, Dori Albert, Jana Golub, Kinga Szemessy, Xénia Baricz, Isytvan Micsinai, László Horváth from Budapest | Silva Baković, Tom Veber, Ann-Sofie Öman, Lane Stranić, Karolina Gaja Rupnik Caruso, Gabriela Dragić,  Lara Jerković and Metka Bahlen  from Ljubljana                                                                        

also with gratitude to: Grant Douglas for the quote; 몸춤, AIAE Luca Kövécs and Katja Somrak for the support; Béatrice Massin and Lenka Flory for  the outside eye; Daniel Raček for the warm-ups; Lukáš Jirička, Jaroslava Tomanová, Daniela Řeháková, Pavel Kotlík, Ben Tuček, Ladislav Železný, Fabrice Martin, Viktor Ekrt and Stanislav Abrahám for the interviews; Nikita Měcháček for the financial consulting; Marcela Látalová for all the likes on fcb and a special mention for the staff of Tanec Praha for providing us with the professional conditions.

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photo: Vojta Brtnický



How to be together with all our differences.

“Imagine if we can answer that question as humans! I don’t know if we ever will, and maybe that is the point. Actually, it’s not about finding a way ‘to be together with all our differences’ but realizing that coming together, allowing all our differences to converge and interact is the ONLY way we can be together. And all our perceived differences are only relevant or meaningful when in relationship to everything else.”


With this project we wished to dig into being, into who we are and how we are. Together. Different individuals creating and developing as one system fed and conditioned by it’s diversity.

The creation is based on series of encounters and interviews with various people in Prague (Cz), Budapest (H) and Ljubljana (Slo) exploring the art of listening, the curiosity, creating space for the other one to speak, express, often to discover too, while being listened to. As we discovered throughout the work, to truly listen and to be listened to seems to be a rather rare quality in nowadays society. In the piece itself we wished to transpose this space of encounter, curiosity , listening and mutual interaction onto the stage where all the actors of the evening meet – audience and performers – in one common space.

Residency Ponec Theatre Prague | documentation

Residency Bakelit Multi Art Centre | documentation

At the beginning…  

We asked ourselves the following: What are the reasons and where does the need for being different originate?  But…maybe first of all: what does it mean to be different? How does different manifest itself? Or put otherwise – where is the limit, what is the border line?  What is our relationship to differences?

As we went on discovering and developing the project… 

We started to listen to people, conducting series of interviews to hear about personal experience and views, to hear about wildness and enjoy how one and the same stimulus can give birth to a multitude of responses. Listening for the connection, celebrating the sparkle ignited inside and shedding light on the person’s face.


calendar:  May 20, 2016 | Ponec Theatre Prague | 8 pm || December 15, 2016 | Ponec Theatre Prague | 8 pm  || April 4, 2017 | Ponec Theatre Prague | 8 pm ||  June 9, 2017 | Tanec Praha Festival (Cz) | 9pm ||  July 27, 2017 Kiosk festival (Sk) || September 2nd LandScape festival Národní památník Vítkov Prague | 6 pm ||

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still from video documentation | LandScape festival
Národní památník Vítkov 2018 | camera: Ben Tuček